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BEN VIDA(Kranky、Thrill Jockey、Drag City)
Town and Countryのメンバーであり、ソロ名義Bird Showとして
もkrankyやThrill Jockey、Drag Cityなど数々のレーベルから発表をしてきた電子音響作家。

For over ten years Ben Vida has been writing, recording and releasing records. Playing in such bands as Town and Country, Singer and DRMWPN and playing solo under the name Bird Show. He has released records with many labels including Thrill Jockey, Drag City and Kranky. Ben has toured extensively around the United States, Europe and Japan. "Untitled" is Ben's third release under the Bird Show moniker. Joining the group for this
outing are Greg Davis, Robert AA Lowe, Michael Zerang and Adam Vida. 2009 will see release of the first Bird Show Band release (featuring Josh Abrams, Jim Baker, Dan Bitney and John Herndon). Ben is currently work on an opera in collaboration with visual artists Siebren Versteeg and Deborah Johnson. Ben currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Katy.

Greg DavisとZach Wallaceによるドローンデュオ。聴くものを覚醒させるトラン
ス的な要素を強く持つ有機的な持続音が特徴である。Greg Davisは昨年大阪にて公演をしたがデュオとしては初来日。

Sun Circle is the duo of Greg Davis and Zach Wallace.
Psychoacoustic minimalism meets psychedelic maximalism. Ecstatic high volume drones, long form trance musics and peace noise. Bowed strings, voices, organs, percussion, home-made and world instruments.
Greg Davis lives in Burlington, Vermont. He has played shows all over the world with many different people and has released solo and collaborative albums on many different labels, including Carpark Records and Kranky.
Zach Wallace lives in Montana. He performs solo, with Memorize the Sky and SUN CIRCLE and has played with people ranging from Tony Conrad to Anthony Braxton.

GROUPER(Type、Weird Forest、Root Strata)
女流作家Liz Harrisによるアンビエント~サイケフォークプロジェクト。彼岸と此岸を行き来するかのような幽邃な揺らぎを声とアコースティックギター、極端なまでの空間操作を行い構築している。2008年にType Recordsより発表された通算4枚目となるフルアルバム「Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill」により世界的にその名を知らしめた。2009年にはAnimal Collectiveの米国ツアーのサポートを務め、2010年にはJandekと共作を発表する等、精力的に活動を行っている。待望の初来日。

Grouper is a recording and performance project by Liz Harris. Harris’ music
is a mixture of softly-strummed guitar, Wurlitzer keys, and her delicate, dreamy vocals, all of
which are heavily drenched in reverb.
Over the last few years she has quickly nudged herself into the underground spotlight with her peculiarly disarming music. Her journey began with the haunting midnight ambience of ‘Way Their Crept’ released on ex-Deerhoof member Rob Fisk’s Free Porcupine Society label in 2005. The record was instantly praised by British site Volcanic Tongue who described it as a ‘wildcard late entry for album of the year’, and its woozy blend of William Basinski-esque drone and breathy vocals slowly garnered the attention of music fans around the world. What followed over the next few years was a handful of stunning releases, from ‘Wide’ (again on FPS) to the haunting collaborative recording with Xiu Xiu entitled ‘Creepshow’. The following album
‘Cover the Windows and the Walls’ on Root Strata sold out in a matter of weeks.In 2008 she released ‘Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill’ through British imprint Type Records. The album achieved an unprecedented amount of critical acclaim, with respected US webzine Pitchfork mentioning it in their top albums of 2008, touting it as ‘druggy and sexy and arty and pretty, but never pretentious’. In 2009 she toured the USA in support of Animal Collective (one of the world’s biggest alternative acts), released split 7”s with City Center and Pumice and continues to stun audiences worldwide with her truly unique songs. 2010 saw the release of an EP/split called Vessel with Roy Montgomery. She has collaborated with Jandek, and was recently considered for participation in the Rolex Mentorship and Protege Award Program with Brian Eno.

Concern(Digitalis、Students of Decay、Arbor、Slow Flow
ハーシュノイズプロジェクトOscillating Innardsとしても多数の作品を発表しているGordon Ashworthによるアンビエントドローンプロジェクト。DigitalisやStudents of Decay、Arbor、Slow Flow等のレーベルから作品を発表している。弦楽器やテープ・マニュピレートを用いてドローンスケープを描きだす。
Concern is a sound art project of Gordon Ashworth. Since it’s inception in 2004, Ashworth has
created evocative music using acoustic instruments, tape manipulation, and field recordings as
Concern. Both the 2010 album “Caesarean” and the 2009 album “Truth and Distance” were made with acoustic instruments, field recordings, and tape manipulation. The results are tonally rich, ethereal harmonies that organically grow into deeply detailed drones and crumbling, antique-sounding tape loops. At times inexplicably spatial and layered, these compositions invoke highly
emotional and nostalgic states of consciousness. “Truth & Distance” was released by the Digitalis and Iatrogenesis labels and has been described as “nothing short of immense” (Boomkat) and “essential listening for the drone inclined.” (Aquarius)
The mediums used for Concern performances have varied from live manipulation of such
instruments as lap steel guitar, an antique zither, an African thumb piano, and unique, homemade
cassette looping systems. Since his first live performance in 2008, Ashworth has toured extensively as Concern, performing in over 60 cities throughout the US, Canada, Europe,
Australia and New Zealand. He will tour several cities in Europe and Japan in late 2010.
Gordon Ashworth lives in Portland, Oregon USA.

Garden of Ghosts(Tobira)
HakobuneとNobuto Sudaによるアンビエントユニット。共同でTobira Recordsを主宰。

Garden of Ghosts is an ambient duo by Hakobune and Nobuto Suda.

speakers by Timedomein



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